Running a business is have questions about what to do next. Your data has answers. You just need a data sherpa to show you the way.

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"This forecast is f*cking amazing. Capsa dug into the nitty gritty of our business to understand our drivers. They reduced our revenue forecast error rate by 70%."

- Fortune 1,000 Executive

"The most refreshing part of working with them is their focus on results above all else. We've enlisted Capsa for multiple projects and we've always been happy with the outcome."

- Evan Harris, CTO, ScreensAI

"Capsa helped us save a ton of time and money by identifying key issues choking our lead funnel. We were able to remedy the situation quickly with this intel."

- JC Sutherlin, President, MW Lawn & Landscape

Dear Business Operator,

Operating a business is damn hard.

You ask yourself...

Which of our decisions are actually working?

What direction are we headed?

What should we do next?

In today's business world you have infinite many that it feels paralyzing.

Should we run more ads? What about social media?

Do we need more people?

You're reading this right now because you want clarity.

To make decisions with confidence.

And have your competitors wondering how all of your actions strike gold.

Your data has the answers you're looking for.

You just need someone to uncover them for you.

We can help.

Get started by choosing one of our solutions below.


You're here because you want to get a clearer picture of what's happening in your business.

If that doesn't describe what you're looking for, I apologize for the interruption in your day! You can safely close the page without reading further.

Where are we going?


Do your forecasts leave a lot to be desired?

Our clients average more than 50% improvement in forecast error rates.

What would that mean for your ability to plan for the future?

We guarantee results or you don't pay us.

Tell me about the guarantee

What's holding us back?


Modern sales & marketing tools give you endless options. So many that you're unsure what to do next.

We identify what's holding you back so you know where to invest.

Start pulling the right levers NOW to get results FAST.

Show me how it works

Learn to do it yourself.


You have a team of analysts in place. They just need the right skills to fully unlock the value of your company's data.

We offer both online and in-person trainings tailored to your needs.

Our team has led programs to up-skill teams within startup and enterprise environments.

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